Public Service Advertising Program

  • Receive valuable advertising space.
  • Make advertising budgets go farther.
  • Avoid costly commission fees.
  • Statewide coverage.
  • Large format ads for maximum impact.

It is the policy of the Missouri Outdoor Advertising Association (MOAA) to support charitable causes and non-for-profit organizations through the donation of outdoor advertising space and services. The purpose of the MOAA Public Advertising (PSA) Program is to meet the needs of the communities in which the MOAA members conduct business.

The Mission of the Missouri Outdoor Advertising Association shall be to advocate, support and protect freedom of speech, privately owned signage, property rights and access to billboards for advertisers and the traveling public.

How to Qualify for Public Service Advertising

MOAA may donate advertising space for Public Service Advertising to organizations if the following conditions are met:

The Organization...

  • is a recognized and registered non-for profit charitable and/or civic organization.
  • communicates a message which is not commercial in nature.
  • submits a written request for the PSA.
  • provides artwork to be used in the campaign, at least 60 days in advance of execution.
  • agrees to pay for all production costs: paper, artwork, printing, painting, shipping and installation.
  • agrees to provide, upon request, written/videotaped testimonial as to the effectiveness/use of campaign recognizing MOAA as a contributor.
  • requests the public service space 90 days in advance of campaign execution.

All public service postings or paintings will be handled on a space available, pre-emptable basis.

MOAA reserves the right to include a tag line on any PSA indicating that the space is donated by MOAA.

MOAA reserves the right to judge a campaign's feasibility and acceptance based on weather, space available, economic and legal constraints or any other conditions which MOAA may deem appropriate.

Missouri Outdoor Advertising Association's Public Service Advertising program is available to any non profit governmental or public service organization. The cost of the program is as follows:

Vinyls and Painted Bulletins

For Contracts 1-3 Months

$1.00 per square foot per month

(plus production)

For Contracts 4-6 Months

$0.80 per square foot per month

(plus production)

For Contracts Over 6 Months

$0.60 per square foot per month

(plus production)

30-Sheet Paper Posters

$150 per month

(plus production)

For further information, Write or Call:


1910 E. Burntwood Street

Springfield, MO 65803

(417) 833-4500

Click here to download the Public Service Advertising Agreement.